What do Social Media Managers ACTUALLY do?

Unsure of the role of a Social Media Manager? Let's break it down.

Brittani Cunningham

1/11/20241 min read

Navigating the dynamic landscape of digital marketing, a social media manager's role is both vital and varied. It's essential to understand our specific functions and the unique value we add.

A Crucial Piece of Your Marketing Team

Social media managers form an integral part of your marketing team but remember, we're not the entire team. Our focus is on your brand's presence across social platforms, which differs from roles like ad specialists or email marketers. We're specialists in a complex marketing ecosystem.

Beyond Regular Posting

Our responsibilities extend far beyond just posting updates. We engage with your audience, stay on top of social trends, and manage your brand's online persona. This involves creating engaging content, interacting with followers, and fostering a community around your brand.

Strategic Growth: My Specialty

Not all social media managers emphasize strategy, but that's where I excel. I specialize in devising strategies aimed at growing your brand, tailoring my approach to meet your unique needs. This strategic focus is a part of my distinct skill set, helping navigate the social media world effectively.

Expertise in Video Marketing and TikTok

I bring a wealth of expertise in video marketing and a deep understanding of platforms like TikTok. This background allows me to offer a unique perspective and approach to your social media content, tapping into the power of today's video-centric digital environment.

In Summary

As a social media manager, my role is to enhance and maintain your brand's online presence. With a strong focus on strategic growth and a rich background in video marketing, I'm equipped to make your brand's social media channels not just visible but truly impactful.

Let's work together to ensure your brand stands out in the vibrant world of social media!